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Why hire a full-time member when you can get a whole team of creatives?

Your on-demand remote team of videographers, audio gurus, and content specialists ready to work.

Original Music

Connect with songwriters, producers and composers from different backgrounds to get that extra edge for your project.

Listen to ECMC's soundtrack
Interview Testimonials

When selling your service, your customers are the best sales reps. Our creatives will script, record and edit 1-5 minute videos for you.

See how we helped My Wellbeing
Recap & Product Videos

If you're building an online brand or business, only great video content will help you tell the full story of what your product can do!

Explore NYU Fest's recap video

Write branded content for e-books, white papers and marketing collateral with specific targeting messaging and communication.

See the Future of Proximity e-book
Web & Mobile Design

Everyone needs a website and customer-centric UX. Get a quote to design your website or mobile app from one of our creatives.

See the Velvet Mag iOS design

Thinking of starting your podcast? Find your producer, editor and audio engineer to develop your podcast from start to finish.

Explore the CREATR Podcast
Social Media Management

Our remote designers can create and design Instagram branding, social media content, Stories, and anything you need for your business.

We grew Schofferhofer's Instagram to 20k!

Ranging from stock photography to photos shoots, product photogaphy and pixel-perfect photo editing, our creatives can do magic.

Check out the work for NYDesigns
Music Business

Build a customized marketing plan for artist releases and tours, with deep insights and marketing tools to optimize streams and fans.

Helping Gil de Gils release their single

Working with some of the best creative companies.

Some of our clients include fintech companies, health & wellness startups, music collectives, and educational institutions.


Top creative services
that you (probably) need.

Think of it as having your own creative team 24/7 and ready to execute your vision.

Instagram Branding 😎
$199 /one time
  • Instagram design
  • 6 Branded templates for any content type
  • 10-page Communication strategy guidelines
  • 4 Story videos and formats

And see all benefits

Social Media Content 🤩
$169 /one time
  • 10 Instagram posts
  • 4 Facebook posts
  • 10 Stories
  • 4 branded templates

And see all benefits

Video interview 🎞
$649 /one time
  • Video recording with 3 guests
  • 2 cameras
  • Lav mics for audio recording
  • Three, 1-min deliverables
  • Formats include 16:9

And see all benefits

Product Video 🎥
$499 /one time
  • Recording and Editing
  • 2-4 minute deliverable
  • Custom branded graphics
  • Basic motion graphics

And see all benefits

Marketing Strategy 📈
$749 /one time
  • Market analysis
  • Competitor benchmark and SWOT
  • Paid advertising plan
  • Customer acquisition strategy
  • Social Media strategy

And see all benefits

Web & Mobile Design 💻
$899 /one time
  • Sitemap and wireframe
  • Basic branding
  • Screenshots and interactive mockup
  • 15-20 screens for mobile
  • 6-10 website pages
  • Modern design for easy handoff to devs

And see all benefits

Why should you choose us?

Everything you need to grow your business through a single platform. You’d be hard-pressed to find another platform that does anywhere near what Stereotheque does for anywhere near the price.

Get Talent & Technology

With Stereotheque, you get the talent and technology you need to grow your business, not just one or the other.

Fraction of the cost

Avoid an expensive in-house marketing team and high-cost solutions. Stereotheque includes it all for one low price!

Time savings

Our creatives save you time and allow you to focus more on the big picture and running your growing business.