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The reports we generate include four main categories with a ton of detail to give you the full picture.


Composition & Songwriting

Composition & Songwriting explores melody, harmony, progression, structure, lyrics, contrast and more. This information is useful for music supervisors and sync or remixes. This is key for publishing and songwriting deals.

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In today's world, the production of a song makes it or breaks it. Consider ambience, energy and climax, hooks, rhythm and more. A successful production will lead to potential collaborators, production gigs and featurings.

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Mix & Mastering

Optimal sound quality, volume, EQ, depth, spectrum, compression, effects, reverb, and clarity will deliver a great listening experience. It shows the level of detail and execution style you have.

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Marketing Potential

A song is only as good as it is marketed and distributed. Consider your target market, branding, messaging, communications, branding, typography and overall digital presence to make your career take off!

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